1. Payment of an invoice issued by KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd is due within 7 days of the date of the invoice or completion of the work, whichever is the later.
  2. Interest will accrue at 10% per month on all overdue accounts.
  3. Should KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd be required to commence any legal action to recover outstanding accounts and interest accruing thereon, the customer is liable to reimburse KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd for all legal costs, including debt collection costs, incurred by them in enforcing payment of overdue accounts.
  4. Any written quote issued by KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd is open for acceptance for 14 days from the date of the quote. However, any such quotation may be withdrawn at any time prior to acceptance.
  5. Any quote includes only such work and goods as specified in the quote.
  6. Where goods are supplied or work undertaken for the customer by KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd, the customer shall satisfy themselves that the goods supplied and/or the work which they have instructed KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd to undertake is suitable for the purposes for which the customer requires; and KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd gives no warranty as to the suitability of the goods for work undertaken for the customers purposes. KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd does not accept any liability in respect of fitness or suitability for the customer’s purposes whatsoever.
  7. Should payment for any goods supplied not be made by the 20th of the month, then KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd may at its discretion enter onto the land upon which the goods have been applied and take possession of the goods without being liable to the customer or anyone else for doing so. This does not absolve the customer for any liability to KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd for other work undertaken for the customer but not yet paid for.
  8. In the instance where the work that has been requested by the customer for KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd to complete, be for a shared space, the customer who commissioned the job shall be responsible for paying the invoice in full by the due date.
  9. If KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd supplies any goods to the customer, the customer grants to KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd a security interest in those goods which will continue until all goods advanced to the customer by KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd are paid for in full. “Goods” means all goods advanced to the customer by KT’s Contracting (2016) Ltd, including landscape supplies.
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