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Need a concrete path or patio for your project in Methven or Ashburton? We have solutions for all your Concreting needs

We provide a full range of Concreting Services across Mid Canterbury

Concreting Breaking Ashburton

We know a thing or two about concrete. After 20 years, we’ve got our concreting skills down to a fine art. It’s one of the most versatile and durable outdoor materials there is and, if it’s done well, looks fantastic.

Some of our regular concreting projects include:
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Carpark areas
  • Entrance ways
  • Spa pool pads
  • Outdoor entertainment areas

We’re your local Concrete Contracting specialists. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best-quality workmanship and service.

Concreting Breaking Ashburton

Entertain outdoors with Concrete Patios

Patios add extra living space to your home and are the ideal place to relax, entertain, and enjoy life. KT’s Contracting make patios like no one else can. We use great-looking materials and our finished surfaces are super smooth and high quality.

Built to last Concrete Paths

KT’s Contracting create paths that are built to last. Our experts can handle any path project and tackle any terrain. We love the challenge of coming up with creative solutions to help you improve access around your property.

A full range of concrete finishes

We offer a range of four finishes for your concrete: exposed aggregate, broom, sponge and polished.

Exposed Aggregate:
By removing the top layer, the aggregate underneath is exposed, leaving a beautiful, decorative finish.

Broom Finish:
In a broom finish, the concrete is textured in the form of grooves.

Sponge Finish:
The wet concrete is sponged, creating a rough texture.

Polished Finish:

The concrete is polished for an extra smooth and shiny result.

We can also add a seal to any of these finishes.

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Concrete base for a memorial seat at Lake Coleridge
concrete driveway ashburton

Coloured Concrete and Asphalt

Want a patio that stands out? We also offer coloured concrete and asphalt finishes.

Concrete Removal and Placing

One of our most requested jobs is the removal of poorly-laid concrete. We can remove your old, unsightly concrete and lay a new finish that looks great, is durable and long-lasting, so you never have to worry about re-concreting again.

concrete driveway ashburton

For Concreting Services with exceptional results anywhere in the Mid Canterbury region, call KT’s Contracting.

We get the job done, right.

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